A theology of grace-based justice.

To our knowledge this extensive series of books is the World’s FIRST Christian systematic and Interdisciplinary Theology of Grace-Based Justice, specifically as a good and necessary corollary of Grace-Based Justification.

This is nothing less than a Gospel and Kingdom and New Covenant coherent Theological system, Church and Public praxis, inclusive of the theological extensive INTERDISCIPLINARY discussion, and application of the 6th Sola of the Unfinished Reformation, viz: Justice by Grace Alone WITHOUT the ongoing Retributive, (or partially Retributive, Purgatorial, Expiational, or non-Redemptive Church and State atoning) Punishments of the Law, whether of God or man. This breaks major new ground for the advancement of the Kingdom of God on earth in the here and now!

→ REVIEW: "World-first must-read for scholars and practitioners alike"

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Review: A Glimpse into Hopeful Futures

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The Day that Changed the World

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