About the book.

"This necessarily lengthy systemic work of multiple volumes embraces and expounds some of the major blueprints of a radically  optimistic  Christian world-and-Life view"

Five compelling reasons for reading and studying this unique work

FIRSTLY, to our knowledge this extensive work is the World’s FIRST Christian systematic and Interdisciplinary Theology of Grace-Based Justice, specifically as a good and necessary corollary of Grace-Based Justification. Thus I – James Charles Waller – rightfully claim to be the architect of the world’s first systematic exposition of a distinctive Grace-Based ONLY, Universal New Covenant Christian Justice.

This is nothing less than a Gospel and Kingdom and New Covenant coherent Theological system, Church and Public praxis, inclusive of the theological discussion and application of the 6th Sola of the Unfinished Reformation, viz: Justice by Grace Alone WITHOUT the ongoing Retributive, (or partially Retributive, Purgatorial, Expiational, or non-Redemptive Church and State atoning) Punishments of the Law, whether of God or man. This breaks major new ground for the advancement of the Kingdom of God on earth in the here and now!

Thus one key focus of this extensive theological and practical Governance work, is to ILLUMINATE the comprehensive Cosmic scope, to EXPOUND the Unique Universal Claims, and to EXPLAIN the already proven sustainable Gold Standard Private AND Public EFFICACY, of the One and ONLY Universal AT-ONE-MENT of Jesus Christ:

As (1) a new ‘Covenantal’ and critical ground-breaking Justification for the harmonious Public conjunction, happy confluence, and Peacemaking congruence of God, Governance and Grace; of Christ, Society and the State; of the Sacred cum Secular and Secular cum Sacred State; of Grace-Based Justice and the State – using all ‘law’ lawfully in a loving Christlike way, and so reverencing Christ as the only Saviour and Sovereign LORD of all things; giving Him and the presence of the Triune Family God in our midst through His Holy Spirit, the rightful place of pre-eminence in ALL things (Mt. 28: 18-20; Eph. 1:10; Phil. 2:5-11; Col. 1:15-20; 2: 10; 20-22; 1 Cor. 15: 20-28; Pet. 3:14-15; cf. 1 Tim. 1:8-11 and Rom. 13:1-4):

As (2) the proper expression of the Governmental Pleasure of God in Personal obedience AND in the Righteous administration of a God and Grace honouring Christlike Grace-Based Public Justice:

As (3) the quintessential crucial catalyst for a Peacemaking and Prudent ‘voluntaristic’ Transformational Personal and Global Governance: being a ‘Hair-Trigger’, a Love Initiated, Mercy Driven and Grace-Based, Peacemaking, Gospel Truthed and Kingdom Transformative Righteousness cum Justice, in, and spontaneously proceeding from Christ’s already- but-not-yet- fully- arrived Present New Creation.
SECONDLY, it is, we are led to believe, the FIRST major Epic work on the subject of an utterly Realistic but STILL irrepressibly hope-filled Radically optimistic and NOW reigning eschatological ethic of Christ’s PRESENT TRUTH of Grace-Based JUSTICE and its correlatives, by a lay or non-professional person and Theologian.

Make no mistake, as an enthusiastic reader and as a survivor of 23 major life traumas, the author is only too well aware, not only of Church History, but also of the seen and unseen, dark and dangerous, spiritual and fleshly, carnal and cruel realities of this fallen world of unredeemed spirits, cold hearted persons and manipulative Governances, along with suffering intensely from those professing believers in Christ, who have fallen from FREE Grace, and so back onto a Law based performance and a punitive mindset!!

Among those the author has experienced are the Institutional and other actors who may be denominated avid ‘injustice collectors’, bent on Manipulation, Retaliation and punitive but Unredemptive Justice that is Christless, Graceless and Merciless, Unempathic, Imprudent and Uncontextualized.

They have been found to be evidently devoid of Christlike Maturity, bereft of legitimate Spiritual authority and Real existential Personal Power, gravely lacking in Right loving Intention, thus too easily compromising with and justifying the Impersonal and Procedural, Bureaucratic and  ‘Instrumentalist Rationality’, Irrelational Morality, False Methodology and Pseudo ‘Legality’ of serious but avoidable Social, Familial and Political violence and harms.

The author demonstrates in this and the following volumes the grave dangers of the self-righteous vice of “we are the good guys” Christ and Gospel Denying Moralism, conveying the simplistic folly of Political Correctness, enticing and coercing others to wear the (Mandatory Reporting) Mantle of Respectability that an ‘even half-way decent democratic’ ‘Good Samaritan citizen’ should and must do – but also that can and will often BLIND its citizens and leaders to the evils it commits in the name of good – even in the name of child and community protection, Justice and the ‘necessary’ community welfare!

The author insists and argues strongly that Christ’s Grace-Based ONLY COSTLY At-one-ment of Redemption is the best Prevention and Pre-emption against crime and criminality, with ‘runs on the board’ to prove it as the ‘Lord’s’ most Truthful and Transformative, Equitable and Ennobling, Celebratory and Sustainable, Salvific Righting and Remedial, Reparative and Restorative and thus Realigning, Reconciling and Reconstructive Future oriented and fully Satisfying Justice!!

We show in these works that for ‘God chasers’ and Future chasers there are no other credible and/or reliable, and proven sustainable peacemaking options. For those less idealistically motivated and driven by a ‘Demand now’ more pragmatic Justice bent, there are no other demonstrably viable options that actually work in the present that maximise NOW mercy and integrity, NOW compassion and faithfulness, NOW fecundity and felicity, and so NOW glorify God and Grace as first and foremost in all manner of relationships, Justices and empathic Christlike righteousness!

This necessarily lengthy systemic work of multiple volumes embraces and expounds some of the major Blueprints of a Radically  optimistic  Christian World-and-Life View:  against all other serious contenders, and across more than a dozen academic disciplines and over all the seven well recognized ‘Mountains’ of the Kingdoms of this world.

These are inclusive of (1) Religion /Church /Faith, (2) Family, (3) Education, (4) Government and Law,
(5) Media, (6) Arts, Entertainment and Sports (cricket!), (7)  Economics, Commerce, Science and Technology - all of which we contend NOW belong personally, legally and culturally to the one and ONLY Sovereign LORD Jesus Christ and to all who believe in Him.

These works have a special focus on the Mountain of Polity and Government and Law cum Justice, starting from self- government under God in Christ, the Just Saviour of all who trust in Him alone, without the so called righteousness of the Law, whether of God or man!

These works show how the Blessed and ONLY Potentate – the only Sovereign Lord Jesus Christ – the King of Kings and LORD of Lords - has already given truly Mature Redeemed and Spirit Filled Believers the Magisterial and Ministerial Authority, and Real Life Power to NOW Reign in Life and Love and Liberty as His vice-regents, being Competent and Caring Compassionate Judges and so Peace-Making Ambassadors of Reconciliation, over all the aforementioned Kingdoms of this world.

These works earnestly contend that Jesus is waiting for US, to work in and through us as His willing chosen servants, as His elect called out ones; as His empowered Body through the enlightenment of the Holy Spirit; to prepare for, to earnestly pray and intercede for; to receive and to nurture a world-wide Public and internationally sustained Pentecostal Revival, to heal and restore the sick and broken systems and structures of the seven Mountains of global and local culture.

This the author argues, via an exposition of a Systematic Philosophy and Public Theology of a Christlike but pluralistic, Bounded but Free, Principled and Peacemaking Society - is or should be done via the example and excellent leadership of the true and faithful and evidently Mature Church of Christ:

Much moreso than the as yet unredeemed State – though both Church, Society and State should be working together, though it be with a separation of function exercised with Mutual Respect for the other - though conditioned by the ‘relative unrighteousness’  and righteousness of its unbelieving and believing participants:

To confront and overcome Political oppression, structural violence, societal division, familial dysfunction; to deal decisively but graciously with all Institutional and other oppression, and so to effectually Mediate between the as yet practically unredeemed earthly realm of sin, crime and disharmony, and the Heavenly Realm of the Absolute and freely Imputed Righteousness and so Translate and Incarnate the Heavenly cum Earthly Grace-Based Justice of the one LORD Jesus Christ.

These volumes argue specifically, reason articulately and demonstrate concretely in a highly nuanced way, that Christ desires and commands US through Him:

To (1) Restore lost people to fellowship with God;
To (2) Restore wounded Fathers and Daughters and Mothers as all one Family in Christ;
To (3) truly Educate ourselves and our children in the fear and love, wisdom and knowledge of God in Christ, through the Holy Spirit, to fit them for success and prosperity in God’s and life’s diverse callings;
To (4) Confront, Regenerate and Restore the broken systems of Christ and Grace Denying Justice and so overturn destructive laws and legislation and the corruption and greed that plagues this earth and work diligently and hopefully to replace them with Christlike, compassionate Grace-Based Relational, Loving Judicial systems in both Church and State;
To (5) Convert and Disciple the Media to speak the truth instead of propagating defiled images and promoting destructive messages and demonic sounds that twist and pervert what is good and true and beautiful;

To (6) Remediate Arts and Entertainment with the beliefs and values, inspiration and imagination of an ennobled artistic and creative humanity as exemplified in the perfect life of Christ and in the rainbow bejewelled City of God;

To (7) Convert,  Disciple and Rejuvenate Economies of all kinds into the Relational, Social, and Political Salvific Remedial Paradisiacal Economy of the BLESSED Triune God, so as to heal persons, Families and Nations, and to prevent the curses that come from lawlessness, legalism, punitivism, greed, poverty and inequality!

And to Expose all ‘natural only’ Sciences falsely so called with their unintelligent and ineffectual, broken and grossly deficient superficial reductionist  remedies for society, and to replace them with the Creator's and Saviour's vastly superior Intelligent Design of Science and with much more Creative and Imaginative Technology;

We show that the purpose of this is - in obedient answer to the LORD’S Prayer and in faithful fulfilment of the Great Commission – to be and to become a Holy Nation Living Out the Kingdom of God in this the Grace Modality of that NOW Kingdom; to Make Real and Relevant in our personal and Public, in our Family and Church, in our corporate and collective lives, the SALVIFIC Supernatural Divine-Human Economy, Society and Polity of Grace and so Grace-Based Justification AND congruent Justice:

To publish, embody and portray the NOW KINGDOM in this its GRACE ONLY Modality; to show and tell of the Exceeding Empathy; the Costly Compassion; the True Gospel New Covenant Truth; the Supernatural Intelligence; the Ineffable Wisdom; the Manifold Ways; the Incomparable Love; and the Mighty Power of the ONLY Saviour and Sovereign LORD Jesus Christ in, through and over all things, persons, institutions and Governments!!

This and the following works thus expose and CORRECT many false interpretations and many wrong or imprudential, or uncontextual  misapplications of Scripture in a Sociocritical Hermeneutics of Political and Governmental Suspicion - including the alleged necessity of an ‘Institutional Translational Proviso’, in which the truth of theological perspectives must be filtered and dumbed down, through a secular only worldview and, often, be mis-translated into a ‘politically correct’ and pragmatic, and non-offensive, powerless and truthless interpretive grid and praxis.

Thus we believe that these volumes qualify as a front line, cutting-edge and frontier-type Theological and Theocentric work. They are a radical (‘root’), dissenting, supernaturally graced and ‘calced’ work that is richly experiential, intensely spiritual and thoroughly practical.

THIRDLY, we believe this and the following volumes are a MAJOR tour de force and constitute a real magnum opus, as a unique theological production with a very distinctive and picturesque literary style, pervaded with a winsome Christlike multi-logical, linguistic and relational genre, being, we believe, a rara avis, possibly nonpareil in English literature, on many different levels and possibly the FIRST of its kind.

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