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Some have called him a Theological and a Literary genius - a one off - and a connoisseur of rich and ruddy good humour as well.

James Waller is uniquely gifted with a strong empathic e-motional heart and an acutely systematic, analytical and Spiritual mind. He does not yet hold a PhD or possess a long academic C.V. to impress people with. Some have called him a Theological and a Literary genius - a one off - and a connoisseur of rich and ruddy good humour as well. But Mr Waller would rather have his prolific original and creative Christian prose and poetic works speak for themselves. He is also a long-time life Carer of His wife and Mother of advanced years. He is a victorious, Spirit filled and mature Man of Faith in God, a man after God's loving heart and a true Justice of the Peace of Jesus Christ. He is God intoxicated with a Christ-entranced Vision of all things both sacred and 'secular.'

He has had a 'colourful' background and held almost all positions (so to speak) at Mad Man and Bad Man and Sad Man Magazine, but left after about two decades to begin to research, write and edit his own Miracle Man 'What a Beautiful Disaster' multi volumes. During a period of over fifty years Mr Waller experienced intense and prolonged suffering - mostly as a victim of years of physical and emotional abuse, bullying and Father neglect, with serious mental and emotional consequences - but also as a victimizer.

He has studied in depth many credentialed, 'big guns' and high calibre 'law-abiding' Christian Theologians, but his extensive indoctrination in what amounted to legalistic and Old Covenant Christian Religious Institutes, for the most part left him high and dry, graceless and powerless as a still defeated Christian. Indeed they helped precipitate his serious fall from the Gospel of pure Grace - of Christ and Grace and Faith ALONE, unalloyed from any mixture or addition of laws and punishments - back onto Law and so into various addictions and sexual crimes, for which he suffered imprisonment. The deep pain and the iron that entered James's soul after so many years of tribulation stimulated a growing passion for Christlike and Grace-Based Justice. This caused Him to take an ever growing interest in and commitment to an authentic Christian Public and Political Theology.

With a New Grace-Based Identity and freely imputed self-worth, and as an aspiring 'Brad- Man-esque' graduate as a lived experienced scholar, James Waller, at last, sought and found God in Christ ALONE, in earnest to turn his life around: to receive Christ's absolute Pardon FREE OF CHARGE for all sin AND crime; and to gain Christ's BLOOD-BOUGHT Victory over his sins and crimes; to derive some precious gold and blessed life purchase from the crucible of his IMMENSE suffering; and so Mr Waller sought to face up and to square up and to put up some real life runs on the scoreboard of the Christian life for His Unconditionally LOVING Captain and Friend of Sinners cum Criminals - the LIVING LORD Jesus Christ - as the Righteousness of God IN Christ!!!

This longsuffering Joseph like Justice 'Dreaming' soon turned in to an all-consuming passion to know and make KNOWN the Gospel of the New Covenant and the NOW Kingdom of the Salvific and Salugenic LORD Jesus Christ, now SOVEREIGN over the Nations and over ALL Governances: and to make KNOWN to the world the almost unknown and seriously neglected Grace-Based Justification AND Justice of Jesus for ALL comers!! This has resulted in numerous, and as yet, unpublished Theological volumes that have been condensed to ten, of over 6000 pages and 1.8 million or so words.

Thus we present here some samples of the Introductory Volume in these Series on Grace-Based Justice for Everyday life. They claim, and fulsomely substantiate the claim we believe, to be a WORLD FIRST on FIVE counts that really DO matter: that really count for the ongoing viability, health, visibility and testimony of the Church and Kingdom of God and Grace-Based JUSTICE, now on Earth!

This DEMANDS, we graciously insist, the WORLD PUBLICATION and serious prolonged study of these WORLD FIRST volumes - by lay persons, by full time academics and Justice practitioners alike - by all those who hunger and thirst after Christlike RIGHTEOUSNESS and JUSTICE - for the sake of the fame and name of Jesus the RIGHTEOUS and ONLY JUST ONE - even the promised Desire and JOY of all the Nations!

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